Monday, April 10 2017

Convert your files with drag-and-drop; built with Electron and React.

What problem does Alchemy solve? Alchemy makes image conversion and merging easy. While existing options make you switch through multiple tabs/windows, Alchemy makes file conversion accessible directly in the Mac menubar. Other solutions also force you to use clunky CLIs, cloud services that require internet, or expensive native apps. With Alchemy, simply drag and drop your image files to seamlessly convert them into a variety of formats, or merge them into a pdf.

What actions are supported? Currently, Alchemy only supports a number of basic operations. This includes merging images into a pdf, and converting an image to png, or jpg. More abilities are coming soon! Send us an issue/PR for any requests/fixes.

How do you use the app? Simply open the app by clicking on the menubar icon, or by hitting +Shift+8. Then just drag your image files into the application and select 'Merge' or 'Convert'. We hope that's a bit easier than what you're used to.

What technology is it built with? Alchemy is built entirely on Electron and React, and uses photosorcery, a lightweight Golang image manipulation library, under the hood. We're using Webpack for builds, and electron-packager to package Alchemy for macOS.

What's next? In short, quite a bit:

Download Alchemy here or check it out on GitHub